Sunday, May 01, 2005

Warrior of Marienburg

General Resepov Alastar :
Born of the House of Merogens, was in command of the former MarienBurger Garrison and the de-facto administrative head of MarienBurg before the province declared its own independence under Boris Goldgather. Nonetheless, knowing the tenacity and bravery of the Garrison and the superior skill and tactics that Gen Resepov used against the Orcs countless times as they tried to sack the Province, the Ruling Emperor Karl Fraz, recalled them from the province reassigning them to be the Empire’s "Jade Vanguard."
Now roaming the territories of them Empire, patrolling, they are ever-ready to respond to the Emperor’s call within a moment’s notice.
A prime man in his early 30’s, Resepov has made a reputable military career leading countless victories against the Orcish raids at a young age. Some suggest that he was born a military genius. Nonetheless, he was not without flaws as well. Being a young man, his fire and rash attitudes constantly put his men at the brink of being massacred. The larger the odds, the more his will to fight on knowing that a success in that would not only grant glory to him and his men and furnishing their reputation as the finest in the Empire’s army but also drive the enemy into thinking twice before launching an offensive on the lands of the Empire of Men and its people.
Upon the untimely death of Tripis Goldgather during a hunting game, falling of from his steed, Resepov was appointed the Governor of Marienburg, filling the throne for the young Count, before he come of age. Through out his 5 year term as governor, Resepov was an extremely unpopular figure. Always putting his men on the priority intead of the people of Marienburg, a great deal of the state’s coffers went to filling the pockets of his Men instead of development of the province. Though the matter escape the knowledge of the Emperor himself due to Resepov’s success on the field.
Thus on the ascension of Boris GoldGather, Marienburg declared independence without a hitch and has been fiercely independent since.
No matter, Resepov’s men are ultimately loyal to him, earning their respect with his dedication, love and trust for them. Not forgetting his capability, fighting prowess, tactic and skills in the field. So much to the extent that they swore an oath of allegiance, loyalty, and love to him putting their word that they’ll put one of their offsprings under the command of himself or his decendants ….


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