Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Warhammer Mod on Total War

Warhammmer Online has been hitting new levels and have become really popular among MMORPG gamers. At the same time, we have Warhammer Fantasy coming up with Battle March, the expansion to the original Mark of Chaos.

Both are good games but unfortunately, i am not too sure about taking both. With regards to Warhammer Online, the reason why i wont buy it cos im not too sure if my laptop can handle it, furthermore, i dun want to get too addicted to it, even though i have 3 mths of holidays, getting into the game will take my life away.

As for Mark of Chaos and Battle March, they are relatively good game, not the best but good, but it still cost money, therefore it willl be awhile before i get that game.

This is where i stumbled upon something nice when i was browsing youtube.

A Warhammer Fantasy Mod for Medieval Total War 2(A game i have) which looks cool.

Take a look at the awesome modification of Medieval Total War 2. The Warhammer Mod looks great including the actual Warhammer map. After seeing the Lord of the Rings Mod that looks really good and the gameplay was pretty dynamic plus it still retained the primary pull factor of Medieval Total War 2.

Check it out PPL!! WOOHOO.. Oh and there is Bretonnian in it.. or so it seems from the pictures.


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