Monday, May 02, 2005

Dinishere the Unrenowned

Epic stories are born in times of sheer darkness. Glory glosses over one's inherent weaknesses and the prominent bathe in their majesty. The unsung heroes,the men who would truly die for the Empire are forgotten.One such figure goes by the name of Captain Wincor Dinishere, a soldier who served in the Imperial Army since the young age of 18. He was of mixed parentage, born to a Brettonian father, a merchant based in Middenheim, and a local mother of humble background.His first taste of military life goes back all the way to the garrison of his home, Middenheim. He was mostly engaged in guard duties, mundane patrols, settling of local matters, suppression of rash banditry and the occasional escorting of an Imperial official. Unlike his illustious counterparts, he is no man of god-given abilities. He is not gifted with piercing shrewdness nor is he an example of fighting prowess. However, he did inherit the heart of honour, the sense of duty examplified in the knights of Brettonia. With an undying dedication to the Emperor, and an iron-willto follow his directives, he slowly ascended the ranks of the garrison. Little did he predict that Chaos would greatly change his outlook to life. When the Storm of Chaos struck the Empire, the Imperial army was devastatingly short on men to face up to the darkness. The upper brass of the Imperial Army, fearful of losing their lofty nobles to the Chaotic scourge, rushed lowly soldiers like Dinishere into the frontlines to die in their place. Much against his will, he followed his directives to be stationed at the frontlines in the North of the Empire. In very inhumane conditions and overwhelming odds, Dinishere braved the teeth of Chaos. As he survived each day, losing his trusted associates to the brutality, he brewed a strong hatred for boththe pusillanimous upper brass of the Imperial Army and the pure darkness of Chaos. He was one of the few to survive the devastation and rose to the rank of Captain. Although the Empire lasted the ferocity of the Chaos onslaught, it was left in disorder and the shadow of Chaos continues to haunt the Empire. Regiments of Chaos harass the ravaged borders, a breakthrough will be disastrous for a recovering Empire. Now at an age of 38, Dinishere fights with his men in a unit called the "Grimmigkopf", a fast reaction army tasked with patrolling the northern borders of theEmpire, and to provide swift assistance to besieged Imperial defenders. In short, his men fill in the gaps incurred by Chaos on the Imperial defence lines. He bears great responsibilty, for his failure couldtopple the scarred Empire, the Bastion of Light in the Old World.


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