Sunday, June 05, 2005

Marienburg, City of Transition

Probably the Safest way back to Aisenhald, the Army had arrived in Marienburg, with the well wishes from Boris Goldgather, Lord of Marienburg. The City never ceases in activity. Men, Dwarves and Elves alike all come to this part of the Old World, to do their routiner tradings among each other. From fine armour, to exquisite pottery, a blend of many cultures fill the narrows strretways of this urbanised city. It is here that most of the world's happenings are gathered from the news distant travellers and foreign merchants bring.

Roaming the Streets while the Army take rest in the City, Jared and Jericho took the oppurtunity to have a fine meal and drinks at the local tavern after the long expedition. It was indeed pleasant to know that such sanity still exist in a World so torn apart just outside the living corners of this city.

The Fiery Hammer Brew, was one of your typical taverns, that gave you the normality of druken slurs, carefree debates, gossips and mindless brawls. From the fame riches of Lustrias to the local monster sightings, it was definitely a welcoming sight to the two paladins apart from all the blood, gore and death they have seen for countless days.

"Brother, we finally can relish and cheer to the fact that we are alive today. To Home and Peace!"

"To Home and Peace, Jericho" The two brothers cheers, as they drank their ale with pleasure.

The conversation between to sibling were light and heartwarming. The talk of the wheat field that shine gold upon the sun. The Rocky mountains that stood strong across the wind. The little children that run across the streets, playing catch with each other. The heartfelt atmosphere of home and the simple things that many do not take notice.

Many of the Knights and men were similarly enjoying the serenity of life itself. Not that the city was quiet or calm, but the mundane routines and simple luxury of what the peasants and people enjoyed, were a sort of soothing aura wrap around each of the men's heart.

Lord Bromric took his place as an audience in the courts of Goldgather, the new Ruler of Marienburg. Politics is always at hand, it seems likewise in almost everywhere including the Independent state of Marienburg. Upon thanking the Lord Goldgather for his kind generosity of accepting the Bretonnians under his care, and onto the fine meals, it was time for the nobles to speak of the matters of concern around the Old World.

"Noble Lords and Gracious Gentlemen, We have come to discuss the concerns of our people and of the events that still affect our world." Lord Goldgather started

"As we all know by now, Archaon has been driven back North, and while we all strive to keep our borders open and keep the enemies of the Old World at bay, there are many more who eye on us, waiting for the oppurtunity to strike , seeking to either Destroy or take over all of our existance. Now as the Conclave of Light disband many of their troops, garrison in Middleheim, I fear that the Lord of End Times will return. " said Lord Goldgather

"Lord, have we not known of the constant threat faced by the Kislevites and Empire? And even then, it would be impossible for the Lord of End times to rally an offensive similar to that of before, after being humiliated by the Orc Boss. The many tribes will doubt his leadership" answered One of the Nobles Under the Lord's Court.

"Perhaps so, Perhaps maybe your right. Maybe we can all turn our backs to the North, but remember, he was the Chosen of his kind. But of course Obviously besides him, we have heard from our Imperial Counterparts, that the Undead approaches from the South. Many tell tales signs have been given. The works of evil are still at hand my friends, and we must prepare we must"

Lord Bromric watched as the Nobles continued their long discussions and passionate speeches of expeditions against Chaos and all those who seek to destroy the Old World. So articulate and stirring were all of them, but he knew, all were false promises and empty actions, none there to commit. But he could not blame them. For in all his years living in this world, he have not come across a succesful offensive against the Chaos Wasteland.

It was not till the moon was at its peak, did the meeting ajourned, much talk, but few decisions had come to hand. Boris Goldgather did notice the particularly silent Lord Bromric thruout the council meeting, but could not blame the weary Bretonnian Lord, for he understands that the Lord had seen to much to make glorious speeches to the noblemen. Lord Bromric formally thanked Lord Boris before partaking his leave. It was then, Lord Boris stood atop his balcony, gazing down at his city, unscathed by the wraths of war.

War. a word so commonly heard around the Old World. Perhaps in order to make Peace, we must prepare for war. Goldgather thought for a moment, before he drawed the curtains to take his rest.


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