Sunday, July 03, 2005

Solace At Last

Its been almost a half a week since they left Marienburg, and the Army of Tempest has finally arrived in Aisenhald. The entire settlement was there to await their arrival. Many already tearing for those who never made it back. Some knowing in their hearts that their husbands, brothers and fathers did not make the journey back. Though there are still many who cling onto the hope that their love ones were among the few who made it. But the atmosphere was solemn and silent. There were no cheering, no victory songs or even gleeful groups of children running about in gladness of the triumph over Chaos. There was only anticipation to reunite with those who were away for so long, and relief that there were at least survivors who return.

Lord Bromric return his keep, hoping to avoid the sight of more of the unmendable agony many of the people have come to feel. His squires work to undo his armor while dressing him up in his noble clothing. The trusted advisors came to Bromric to update him on the happenings in Bretonnia.

Apparently, the situation in Bretonnia seems relatively promising. Though there have been many lives lost. The kingdom heals and recuperates fast, there have even been talks of an errantry war to rid internal evil in order to boost the defenses of the kingdom. Many even seem keen on drawing arms against Mousillion, ridding the eternal plague there.

As for the Lord, it seems that he has come across too much a bloodshed for too long a time. He mutters a silent prayer before he lays to bed. As he faces the ceiling from where he laid, he thought of the things he loved, nodding to himself in satisfaction that he is still sane from the ravages of gruesome mindless fighting, he shut his eyes... and into another plane he went.


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