Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nice Warhammer Online Trailer

Although i have not played Warhammer Online and maybe i never will. I must say it has a very nice new trailer to it. I don't deny it looks like a really good game. But i just cant commit. On the other hand, i heard from a friend that it becomes really dry in high level. Not sure what are they gonna do about tht.

Anyway, here is the trailer

On another note, i have just completed the next batch of photoes with the Help of my friends, Josh and WT. Many were taken by Josh and a few by WT. Gotta hand it to them.

Furthermore, my fren josh will be taking up the flag to post some entries for this blog in the near future. So be on a lookout. ;)

Furthermore, the warhammer campaign has continued on. And its good to bring the excitement back during this long holidays. I am glad that Josha nd WT had a ball with regards to it. And there will be many more to come in the near future.



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