Monday, March 30, 2009

The Men-at-Arms

Hey Everyone

Hope you guys are enjoying the pictures and entries on a fantastic hobby: Warhammer! I'm Josh, and I worked with JQ on shooting the pics, and he invited me on board to help write some of the entries. One thing for sure, JQ and I really appreciate you guys for the comments, and just simply reading this blog. It inspires us to shoot more and write more.

This time we have a portrait shot of one of JQ's Men-at-Arms.

Clad in chainmail, spear and shield in hand, Bretonnia's Men-at-Arms come from many backgrounds as recruiters go throughout the kingdom in search of willing recruits who see an opportunity of glory on the battlefield (and possibly escape from poverty). Even though they are only trained to wield their weapons with basic skill, effective deployment of these regiments combined with the coordination with other Bretonnian units, would make the preposition of engaging the Men-at-Arms a calculated gamble. Although one Men-at-Arms alone may not even prove to be a challenge, a regiment of them can bog down a resilient enemy, in time for the intervention of allied forces (provided the Men-at-Arms can last long enough...)


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