Monday, January 19, 2009

Warrior in the Dark

The next batch of pictures including the previous entry comes from my old camera. It will be the last time my old camera take pictures because my old W-50 has broken down again. With a macro feature that provides clarity of macro focus to 2 cm, it is way better in providing detail compared to my new W150 Sony Digicam.

Nevertheless, the pictures will still keep coming in. And now with the help of Joshua, my Photography partner in crime, he shall be contributing to both hobby blogs. YEAPPERS.

On another note, a new warhammer campaign has commenced with Josh and WT thick in the play again. WOOT.

Because of the rampant change and super powerups of new armys for the 7th edition Warhammer, i prefer to play condition controlled campaigns and personal games as the new armies and the additional new rules u have to research and understand on those various new armies makes things more difficults to play.

At this moment, additional memorising is just to much for me. So personal rpg and games played among friends is what im gonna stick to, on top of jus collecting and painting warhammer.

Till i get further convincing of embarking on playing Warhammer Actual again... it will be awhile.



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