Monday, April 06, 2009

Clash of Arms

Hi Everyone

Next up we have a shot of a couple of Men-at-Arms facing off a Chosen Warrior of Chaos (of course it might be a walkover...)

The Old World is marked with strife as armies continually march under a multitude of banners and causes...ranging from religious expeditions, good vs. evil and sometimes it's just simply conquest and bloodthirst. The Realm of Chaos has been a perpetual bane to the Kingdoms of Men, as it represents the manifestation of Chaos, a power so alluring and seductive that blights its victims with destructive and corrupting power. However...the divide is not so simple as good against evil, as followers of Chaos maintain that they follow the true/raw form of power, and the realms of Order represent mere facades of mortal frailty and they are the paramount of the irrational fear of change and new beginnings...

What is nice about the picture is that you can focus onto the visor of the Chaos warrior, as he peers past his shield and onto his adversaries. Gives the figure kind of an 'edgy' feel...even though it may seem to be a one-sided affair, the Men-at-Arms boldly oppose the march of Chaos and have drawn their weapons to meet their Nordic foe. Given good dice rolls, they might win after all...(it's the same with Empire troops unfortunately)


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