Sunday, July 31, 2005


Ashwood and cinder. The materials of Lord Bromric 's varnished desk and library cupboard. A very fitting room for the Lord indeed. With all the heraldry, Swords, and helms that display around his room. But though it was decorated, it was never too outlandish for the Lord to feel too unhomely inside.

He sipped his wine in approval, as he pondered upon the origins and grape used in the fermentation of the delicate drink.

It was morning, the sun clouded by the seasonal rainclouds that covered the sky. Preparations were already in progress as the knights of Aisenhald got ready to receive the Fay Enchantress who wishes to seek Audience with Lord Bromric.

Apparently, She brings much urgent news to his province and furthurmore, many important royalties will be attending including the Duke of Carcasonnes.

Much has to be discuss, especially regarding the sudden offensive the Empire is taking, from the ruins of Erengard up Northwards.

It has receive quite a disapproval and shock among the Conclave of Light, for the reckless Actions, but the Participating Counts and their Noble Lords beg to differ, immerse in their selfish vengence against Chaos for the cause of Valten's Death, of which it has not been proven so.

The Emperor is already enroute to assess the situation. Things are already getting very bleak up North and the Empore are ruining an efficient defense constructed by her allies for many months.

"It is a fool's errant i tell yer, Lord Bromric.. A fool's Errant" : said one of the recently arrived noble, having heard of the Assault.

The Hours go by and finally the meeting commence with the many same concerns in which the Noblemen of Bretonnia would usually discuss, particularly war among the many vile armies who threaten the Lady of the Lake's Sovereign lands. Orders made, Policies given and most of all local issues largely resolved with immediate effect. The Fay Enchantress' authority comes swift. Governance hardly runs array with her judgement and wisdom. Even for a Senior knight like Lord Bromric, none dare look down on her as an inferior, lest they suffer her wrath. He feels her radiance and her power emitting even across the large table that holds the gathering. And even as she speaks, her eyes never lifts off Lord Bromric, giving the Lord a Commanding Stare that made him uneasy throughout the entire counsel.

The meeting ended with many urgent messengers sent on their horseback delivering the decisions made during the council. The Enchantress focus on Lord Bromric did not cease. He could not take it anymore, kneeling down toward the Enchantress when the room was vacant of the council, he spoke,"Mi lady, what do you ask of me, for thy body tremble upon thou's baleful stare."

"Fear not, Lord Bromric, for i stare at the yonder through you and at the coming of end times"

"End Times??" Lord Bromric Replied, looking puzzled. " But we have repelled Archaon and his vile demons.. we have save the brink of existance, how can it happen again? so swiftly?"

"The sense of evil, has deepen in my heart, and the power i feel, the power foretold in the prophesy that bring the end of times, has emerge from its slumber" mumbled the entranced Enchantress.

Slowly she turned towards Lord Bromric and added, " My dear Lord, the prophesy has just begun.. and i fear we have little time or even awareness of the oncoming doom. As you may have known, Mesa has gone, for i bid her to search for the one thing that can stall and perhaps change the course of the prophesy, But i fear that I might not have pay more attention to it. Mesa needs help, your help Lord Bromric. The winds from the east brings coldness that steals the life of the living and the sane. I must urge you to seek her and aid her."

"Yes Mi lady, But where do i even start"

"Uth Tenpar Tulos Ungard" The words echoed throughout the Halls, out of the Keep, and spread across the lands around. Upon The Fay Enchantress summoning, a white falcon return in response. "My beloved Hiphanith will guide you to her. I shall depart immediately as matters have arised to the southeast with The Elves of Athel Loren. Till then, may our Lady's Blessing be upon us all."

With that the Fay Enchantress rode on the Unicorn along with her entourage away. Turning her head back, she gaze towards the Lord again. "Do not fear..She has a plan for you since the genesis of ascension"

Lord Bromric frozed as she communicate to him through is mind, flowing freely through all his thoughts.

And as he lifted his stare, the falcon sounded, awaiting furthur orders....


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