Sunday, January 01, 2006

Update of The Campaign

Commander Dinishere with His bravery and courage during the expedition to the World Edge Mountain has slayed one of the top prime Orc Warlords of the Area and his Story has inspired and raise morale in many Villages and Town from the Empire. If truth be told, He has already assumed the Rank of General soon for his contribution to the Empire.

Ogren Cockripper tenacity against an Encounter with the Doombringers from Manick Daemoic Hordes was remarkable. With the Blind Fury of the Ogre, the Daemon was flushed with many mortal wounds that could have killed a man dozens of times over. But the Ogre too took many in return from the Lord Daemon of Khorne. But it was the intense bloodlust of Ogren that took the upperhand and slayed the Greater Daemon before it could draw one final breath on the mortal plane.

Lord Bromric on the other hand, with his blind chilvary and honour took up the sword to challenge the insurmountable odds against the other Doombringer. A very impossible task for even a Human lord. But by the Grace of the Lady of the Lake, and by his utter devotion, faith and skill of the Sword. he took down the demon in a sword display that could move the mountains. With a mighty killing blow on the second attack, even the Doombringer's daemonic aura could not save it from the Light of the Lord of Tempest.

Current Status of Ogren, Bromric, Wincor and company: In the Path of glory still yet in search of the Leranorak. Each day bringing them possibly closer to the Sword.. and perhaps their DOOM!


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