Monday, October 31, 2005


A week has passed after the abrupt assault from the Army of Manick, and thankfully enough, the Dwarves had the better geographical location which led to an ultimate massacre of Manick's Beastmen Legions. But it was also due to the part's warning that had given the Dwarves enough time to man the defenses and come to the rescue, to discover the attack from this long forgotten ancient tunnel.

"The Dwarves dig too deep...too deep for their own good" Captain Wincor ponder thoughtfully.

The Imperial Officer had been performing his adminstration and offical role of a Captain after the bloody battle. Staying in the Imperial Consolate in Karak Kadrin, he has tended to his Grimmigkopf and updated himself with the happenings far north. Predictably, the Armies of the Imperial Counts had all but lost to the tide of darkness in the first advance deep into the depths of the Northern Wasteland, and it has left the heavy burden upon the Imperial Guards and the Emperor to lay and even more fragile defense up North than it already has been

A heavy sigh was all the Captain could manage upon hearing the cataclysmic result of the campaign. It saddens him even more as he watch the party of his dissolves to nothingness.

After the battle, the distraught Bretonnian Lord and his Damsel Sorceress took their ;eave from the group, still wielding the sorrow of losing a close comrade-in-arms, a son and a student, such was the depth of the wound that was left on Lord Bromric by the Late Sir Jared Wilcox.

The Ogre's spirit for the unfound artifact, the Leranorak, was not dampen in contrast to the Lord. It seems like the gem has given him the bloodthirst to surge on with the quest. Preparations were already made by his fellow Gnoblars and on top of that the Ogre Warlord has already seek for more reinforcements from the Ogre Den in Kislev where his warband resides.

The Arrowmerchant accompanies the Ogre as his interest grows more as he realise more about the prophesy and the artifacts. Lithir and his brother had a suspicion that they were working for dark clients but the artifact was of growing concern to them due to the power it holds and so they continue their pursue.

"The Ogre may very well hold the gem that will herald the doom of all goodkind." said Lithir in a sullen tone, as he scrolled through the archives on old artifacts. ***

In the streets of Karak Kadrin, with the heat of the forge causing him to sweat, Caravon Alastar wanders about the bustling street. it seems as though the battle have not affect the morale of the citizens. "Perhaps it is a daily lifestyle to come across invasions and attacks from enemies everyday" Caravon Alastar thought. But much more was on his mind that day, as the Captain put him on his test to rise as a noble knight. Much would depend on his character and qualities, and furthurmore, his men loyal to him will look to him for guidance. Much responsibility is weighed on him as he strives to reclaim the rightful command of the Jade Vanguard...

Admist all this, The Gathering lays in a shatter, the storm is brewing.. brewing near...


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