Friday, September 02, 2005

Status of the Campaign

Locations of Characters of the Light:

Karak Kadrin
Ogren Cockripper, Casta De Bromric, Jared Wilcox, Wincor Dinishere, Mesa Belle Francis, Delenir(NPC)


Updated Events:
The Unknown Realms of the East, totally oblivious to the Men of the Old World, comes a ravaging horde, numberless, tactful and swift like the Power of the Dark God. The very image of it dwarves that of even Archaon infinite Horde. Though the numbers are not confirmed, it is the tenacity of this sweeping chaos that has cause much concern to the Eastern Kingdoms...

And so the Adventurers strive on to the World's Edge Mountain to seek the truth of the artifact that heralds the doom of the world.


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