Monday, September 19, 2005

The Sweeping Wave of Chaos Part 2

Captain Wincor Dinishere

It seems that the Ancients on the Various Towers heed no more attention to the Mass Party. Moving furthur ahead on the straight road that led to a huge spanse of a forest, the Party noticed 3 figures running towards them. Before the unknown silouettes, the echoes of drums can be heard. Before long the party could hear the response to it. The Ancient Ulthuan Horns sounded in unison. Something was going to happen and the Party knew it was not something good.

"RUN!!!!!" Shouted Mesa as she gestured to the oncoming party who were on alert against her. Lord Bromric and Sir Jared.

As the minutes go by, the area was swarmed with thousands of beastmen. From one end of the forest to the other, Banners filled the area and more drums were heard at the other end.

What happen in the next few hours trascend briefly..
The invasion of Chaos has reached the west from the East. Manick, Bane of the South has finally come with an army of beastmen to defile the Ancient Guards. Though the Ancient Elves fought like Champions of the Old, and their power matched Manick himself, they were unable to stop the thousands upon thousands of Beastmen nad Chaos Warriors.
Before long. 2000 Beastmen lay dead while the Ancients simply dissipitated. The Ancient Mages doing their final bid to stop the flow of chaos by sacrificing themselves with one last disastrous spell. For a moment, there was silence, a pause that echoed awkwardly in the thick of battle for there was none left at such a sudden on both sides, and then the drums of war came again.
The party fled across the flat tundraland, and to their shock, the left flank of their groups was compromise by the chaos hordes. Caravon looked in a dazed at the charging horde numbering yet another 3 thousand.

It was a raging stampede that charged the hapless party. The imperial soldiers and the Merchant Elves, fought with swift evasive manuevres, accompanied with almost every magic spell used by the Mages and Shamans in the Part. From bolts of Lightnings to Magic Missiles, Charred bodies littered the floor as the Party made a mad dash for their lives back to the tunnel. It must be some God fated situation as the party barely made it out before the Slayers of Karak Kadrin came to their aid, at the cost of only a dozen men.

The Blood Fest in the Chokepoint of the tunnel lasted for Days. Beastmen being massacred in a butchery. From Cannon Fires, to the suicidal whirlwind attacks from the Slayers, Axe met hide, Sword met skin, Blood turned the Snows red.

Many of the Dwarves were surprised at the fact that the Chaos Army chose the most Harsh way to attack the Dwarf City. From this geographical position it was impossible. The land was deadly even reaching towards this tunnel, especially for a large army.

But it was not the City the Army was after.. But the Gem... Manick, loyal servant of the Deliverer came forth in admist the fighting. His council behind him. He approached the Observing party. Though the Dwarves choke the Army of Chaos, And unearthly road path the way for Manick to enter easily through the tunnel to the one who wield the gem...

His gaze unmoving, he stared at the Ogre without fear. His malice so strong, it striked the Heart of Ogren, but still the Ogre stood stubbornly in front of them while the Party gasped in awe at how this could happen, for it is definite that very powerful vile sorcery was at work.

"Hand what rightfuly belongs to the Deliverer.. Ogre" His Booming voice echoed in ambience around the area for the Party to hear.

"Light of the Lady shine upon us.."


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