Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Battle Begins

The War has started and the Map is out.

Here are the rules:

Each players has benn given a territory

-On top of that, 500pts will be issued for the player to spend on the amount of troops he needs to ATTACK

Note: Depending on the amount of buffs he have based on the amount of territories he has. He could have more than 500pts to spend.

-1 Main Character must also be elected from each player. ( The Main Character will not be counted in the total pointage)

- As for defense, it applies as the same, 500 base points unless stated otherwise

-Each Player for the whole game (campaign) is only allowed to use 4 times of auto resolving of the battle.

-The schedule of attack will be held by the gamemaster. An issued attack will then be let known to the opposing side in which the opponent may opt to use auto resolve, if the attacker consents.


-Based on the gameplay. Every week a player is allowed 2 attacks

-Objectives will be given to Individual players. Each objective accomplished will give players 500exp.

This is game involves the initiative of the player every week to course out his battle plan.
There will be situation sent out to him which requires him to react. If upon one week later and no reply is given without valid reason, consequences will result.

Description of Terrirtories

-Turn Battles: It is the time limit in which attacker must win. (Based on Pointage)

-Buffs: Eg, Attacker +50pts, +4 Power Dice, "Diamond Icon" +50pts

-Double Pointage: Based pts of "500x2"

-Last Stand: Last man standing Battle


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