Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Tides of Turning

Not much was spoken after that. In a few seconds, The Imperial Warrior stride swiftly towards the Deliverer, throwing a fury of attacks on the Deliverer, each raining down like the might of Sigmar.

A Rather Weak Foe for the Chaos Lord to contend with, but with each precise strike, the Deliverer found it harder to parry off. General Wincor continued on. composing himself in a control flurry of attacks, each faster than the last one. So Beautiful was the swordplay, the Gods themselves could have orchestrate it.

The Deliverer could not take his turn with General Wincor Dinishere not giving him the oppurtunity.

"By the power of Sigmar, I Banish You!!!!" came the roar of the Imperial General, as he made his eviscerate on the stunned Chaos Lord, subdueing him to the shock of the entire Chaos Army.
Manick and Erathor were too dazed to accept the very first defeat of their Great Lord, while the rest of the the people watched intently as the Imperial General walked to the side of the Deliverer and picked up what he had won. The Leranorak accepted its new wielder willingly, flooding him with the thoughts of pleasure and glory.

Taking up the Snake's Eye from the Fallen Ogre, he fused the gem into the blade. FInally the artifact they had been searching for, for so long has been found. The corruption began to emerge from the weapon, lurching out to the wielder's soul.

Wincor was caught in it's trance but quickly fought back, sheathing the sword and observed his current situation.

"The challenge has been resolve. Leave us be chaos warriors, or face the eternal power of the Leranorak" said General to the Horde.

"This is but only the beginning, Imperial scum! Only the Beginning!"replied Manick, aiding the Deliverer and retreating back with the army along with Erathor Hyburg.

The throne room was finally deserted after several minutes, leaving the expedition to tend to the wounded.

Lady Mesa was grateful for the fact that the vision she had in choosing the one who will bring the light back from the darkness had come to be true and the one she had seek has finally seize the Leranorak and thus undo the foretold prophesy.

But it was at the cost of her lover and protector, now she can only pray that General Wincor has the good judgement to not use the weapon.

Indeed he was afraid of the Leranorak, but the temptation of power could not be blocked so easily. General Wincor decided to proceed to sit upon the throne, while the rest watch in puzzlement. This time the voices blared at him, baring his soul for all to see. Wanting him, Beckoning him to put the Leranorak to where it belonged. The corruption was overpowering him.

With one last desperate fight against his own temptation, he got off the throne and left the area accompanied by the expedition.

"This midless blade is too much for my mind".. Dinishere thought.

"It is for all of us to share your burden...Wincor" said Lady Mesa as she put her hand on his shoulders and helped the General back to the bazaar.


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