Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Step Closer to Doom

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The party and their expedition of men struggle across the depth of the winding tunnels through a labyrinth of stalagmites and into the perilous route that led to the World's Edge Mountain. It was passed the thick fray of the trade markets and bazaars that filled the summits with life, that the Ogre, the Bretonnian Knights, Imperial Command and the remaining Company stumbled across the dead ancient door where only through the right number would its rune be activated and open the the passage to the "Path of Glory" as was spoken from the Prophecy.

It was through another wave of winding paths and bottomless areas that had lead to the group to their first encounter with Manick and his ambush party. So while the expedition carefully scaled the pillars across to the other side in order to follow the path, but always mindful of the bottomless area below them; The tight space and fiery melee was a very bad combination for survival. Many Imperial Archers fell to their deaths, accompanying many dead Chaos Mauraders and Dark Elves alike in the afterlife. But the renowned heroes and infamous Lords outmatched the ambush party with their resilience and thus, slaughtered the Chaos Ambush and overran the otherside of the Cliff.

It was during this intermission of getting across, when Manick unleashed the Doombringers upon the Expedition. The very same Bloodthirsters that nearly killed Lord Bromric and Striked Fear into the heart of Ogren. The flying demons cast despair among the commoners, and even the Heroes felt that the result of this melee would not turn out well.

It was during the spur of the moment, when the light of hope flickers, did the Bretonnian Lord take up his sword in defiance. The Stubborn Knight rose in a gesture of challenge against the Twin Brothers.

Likrani Doombringer was amused at the insolent mortal who dared challenge him, and soon recognise the Lord to be from the Land of Bretonnia. Thinking this to be a one-sided match, the daemon went in slow, hoping to down the Knight with its terror and menace. But it will have to take more than the depths of Chaos to bring the Knight to his kness for the guidance and protection of the Lady of the Lake was upon him.

A short mutter of a prayer spoken, Bromric leaped towards the Daemon. With such heavy armour, it was almost impossible for one to jump to such great height, but somehow or another, the Lord did it with great gusto, the clang of steel and the screech of claws echoed throughout the surrounding turmoil. For a moment, time stood still as a great picture of light and dark illustrated before the eyes of everyone in the surroundings. And then suddenly time sped up exponentially, it was there, that the sound of cold steel rang louder and faster, till the blade finally me tthe daemon's neck and went into the throat. Both man and beast were at the edge of the stump that was once a great masonry work done by the dwarves. One on top of the other, the Knight finally jerk his sword free as his gaze finally settled upon the relieved Lady Mesa.

The Light of Hope burned brighter, till it emerge out as a flaming fiery that fueled Ogren with the same fury as Lord Bromric. Txaren Doombringer was definitely eager to match his anger with the Ogre's, and the two titans clashed, just moments after the death of Likrani.

This battle lasted longer, with the two exchanging fatal blows to each other. The chaotic fury and mindless madness of the Daemon was wearing the Ogre down. But Ogren stepped up the pace, abandoning all logical reasons to give up, and within the heart of the warrior spirit he hold, the true purity of the berserker was unleashed. The flurry of attacks finally decimated the Daemon, mutilating the very daemonic essence that held it to this realm before it dissipated into a shroud of thick black smoke.

Seeing his Sorceress, Shanithir down, and his retinue massacred along with the rest of the Chaos Maurader. The Blademaster of the Ambush Party could only do one thing to save his pride from the utter defeat.

And so a challenge was called out to them by the blademaster, and it was quickly answered by the Brave Squire Caravon Alastar. But the youth's rash decision was definitely a mistake, for the Blademaster made quick work of him, knocking the boy out before he could even prepare himself. The expedition could only watch as the Dark Elf pick the Squire up and left, kidnapping a close friend of Wincor Dinishere.... as silence receeded back into the caverns.


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