Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

ITs finally out. The Warhammer PC game we all have been waiting for. With such an awesome trailer and great demo gameplay, this highly anticpated game is ready for released at this exact date, but when it will come to Singapore, I am still not sure. With 4 Playable Races and many other side races to toggle with, it is a great game for those who have delved into the tabletop game of Warhammer all these years to see it on the Cpu Screen. As for those new to Warhammer, it is something to let them get a feel of the biggest and ongoing Fantasy World of Today, and perhaps spark an interest into getting into the Warhammer Tabletop Game with the magmanimous figures that they can truly customise as their own. All I need to know now is what is the damn system requirements, cos i dun wanna waste my cash on something i cant play.

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Onto my progress of painting my army, I am now down to 2 Grail Knights, with on about 1/3 painted, I intend to do the major colours by today and hopefully finish by the end of this week. The major upgrade and highlighting basing blah blah blah for my entire army will come real soon. Till the next update, toodle loo.


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