Saturday, September 23, 2006

Lands of Aisenhald

In the lands within Couronne lies a region of plains and hardlands. Aisenhald, the land of the Late Lord, Casta Bromric. With Lady Mesa Belle Francis as the Regent of the Realm now, the Aisenhald Knights are reputable for their utmost courage and faith to the Lady of the Lake. Known for being the Frontine Swords of Bretonnia, the Aisenhald Knights make up the Vanguard of Tempest. The Army of Tempest is renowned around the lands. Now as they wait for a rightful Lord to take the place as Lord of the Tempest, the Damsel Mesa governs the lands. With her influence, the place has become a place of learning in the arts of arcane and mystic. Within the Tower of the Damsels, Wizards and Mages of many races come to learn more of the unknown knowledge of Magic. The people here are hard, shaped by constant war, Both noble and low born are conditioned to face hardship and turmoil. But ever since after the storm of chaos, the Lady has blessed the lands with peace and harvest. The gold harvest as it is called by the people fill the lands with goods and stock for the year to come

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Lady Mesa and an Escort Knight of the Realm

Meanwhile in the campaign, the Adventurers are on the hot race to track the foul deserter of the Grimmigkopf that threatens to give away information about the tactics and complement of the Reputable Imperial Army. Under the Command of General Dinishere, Drakenwild ,Lughel and their companions fly fast to the south of Bretonnia to catch up with the Deserter and to find more information of the Dark Occurances in Nippon and the Nightmares that pain the dreams of the Orient Traveller from Nippon.


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