Saturday, May 27, 2006

Updates of the Campaign

High Elf vs Bretonnian

After Establishing Trade Relations with the Mysterious Orientals, the Merchants' Luck ran bad when they encountered a Foul Mood Baron and his army. Noted for his reputation in his battles, the Merchants cautiously retreated. But the Insistent Baron gave chase, having a crave for the High Elves, along with a Rich Bounty put up by many of the other Barons in the Border Prince. The Arrowmerchants were driven too far and it was not long before Lithir gathered his Veterans to their battle formation to make their stand on the war crazed Knights. The battle was well in way. With Rocks smashing the Pointy Ears and Magic frying the Knights in their armor, the bloodfest was at its peak. But with the Driven strength and Ferocity of the Elven way, the Arrowmerchants rode down the Baron's Forces, causing them to flee with disgrace.

Outcome: Weiting wins

Other Battles:
High Elves vs Ogre Kingdom (Ogre Kingdom wins)
Vampire Count vs Bretonnian (Bretonnian wins)


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