Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Events after 1st Week of Campaign:

High Elf vs Ogre (Ogre Win)

High Elf vs Chaos (Chaos Win)


The fields stink of Elf blood. From the South to the East of their territory. All expedition sent to gain territory or stop the impending charge of Ogren's Warband have failed. Lithir lay at bed, cold shivers run through his body. The scene of the brutality he had scene was too much. Furthurmore, the betrayal of the Ogre and his bloodthirst still cause Lithir much pain. His fellow arrowmerchants watch anxiously as their leader's life force weakens. His sword hands severed and his condition worsening, there is little hope and much despair among the group.

Meanwhile in the Imperial Fortification up north..

"General, With the recent grim happening, we cannot afford to sit and wait. The Grimmigkopf must respond." Delenir urged

"We will indeed.. With the blade of doom, the Leranorak. The Ogre shall taste his own blood. I will drown his throat with the power of daemon energy. May he rot into the depth of chaos!" hissed General Wincor with vengence burning in his eyes.

Delenir shrinks back, looking at the way The General has change since the time they met. Th esoul grows darker within him. "Dear friend, you must get rid..."

"Captain! Gather your men. We shall feast on the Ogres defeat in the battlefield!" roared General Wincor, cutting off Delenir before he strode out to the barracks.


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