Sunday, April 30, 2006

Campaign Part 3

Yes. The new league Campaign System is out and now, It has become a little less narrative and more interactive.

The area of Campaign is in the Border Prince, where trival to political conflicts exist constantly. A place where skirmishes to great battles are fought often. And now 6 Players shall test their tactics in battle against each other. And so the Young Blood Feud begins.

Tourney Army Pointage: 1000pts Using Normal Rules and Characters. No Illegal Army list allowed

League System: There will be a league table where players will play against every opponent twice with Pointage involved. 3 Points for win, 1 Point for Draw and No Points for Lost. (Table will be form soon. Check it out under the etc category of the blog)

Overall Highest Pointage is the Tournament Champion and thus his characters will become Renowns among Heroes..

Titles to be won: Overall Champion, Group Champions, Best Painted Figure

After the Overall League Champion is done, Group Matches will be fought to determined the Group Champions

And Finally 3 Theme Games.

So Young Bloods and Local Introverted Nerds Unite!


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