Sunday, March 19, 2006

Events after 2nd Week of the Campaign

Day 1

Vampire Counts Vs Chaos (Vampire Counts win)
Vampire Counts Vs High Elf (Vampire Counts win)

Day 2

Bretonnia Vs Chaos (Bretonnia win)
High Elf Vs Chaos (High Elf win)
Empire 2 Vs Chaos (Chaos win)
Ogre Vs Chaos (Ogre win)

The Jade Vanguard spared no time in engaging the ravaging Horde of Chaos. The battle was fearsome as both armies armed to the teeth, fought to the death. In the end, the ground was soaked with blood from both sides, leaving only the Chaos Sorcerer and an ailing Archer of the Empire. The strength and skill of the Fearsome Sorceror was far too superior compare to the lacky soldier. The Archer was dealt swiftly. The echo of silence rings through the ears of the Sorceror, as he slowly strides away from the bloody battlefield. A victory nonetheless for him though none remains but him.

The Carcasses of the Screamers of Tzeetch lay lifeless on the ground along side with a fallen Ogre. Though it does not bleed, the physical realm holds less control over the daemon as it begins to fade into oblivion. The battlefield was littered with a dozen Ogres along the entire stretch of grassland, while the daemon army slowly dissipitates. Ogren growls in fury. His eyes ebbing with vengence and bloodthirst. The pupils glowing red in the night.

"Maimed Crushed and Overkill is what those who opposed me will feel. As for Captain Wincor, it is high time he return what rightfully belongs to me. Or i shall make him feel the raw power of Ogren!: Roared the Warlord

"Inflict much pain I will. So intense it will be, he will feel it in his afterlife. Stealer of my treasure! RAAGGHH!!" added Ogren.

Ogren walks across the grassland accompanied by a hundred Ogres followed by a considerable amount of Gnoblars.Many have heard of the infamous Ogren and now many join in him to feast and serve under his terror. No creature dare block the way of the rampaging he stride front. But will another challenge him?


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