Sunday, March 26, 2006

Battle Report after 3rd Week of Campaign

High Elf vs Chaos (High Elf win)
Empire 2 Vs Chaos (Empire 2 win)
Ogre Vs Chaos (Chaos Win)
Bretonnia Vs Chaos (Bretonnia Win)
Vampire Count Vs The Deliverer's Horde (Vampire Count Win)
Vampire Count Vs Chaos (Vampire Count Win)

The shackles and the long marches did not wear Lithir Down. Knowing that the Vampire Counts had to stop by Daybreak, he had to be locked up, hidden and blindfolded to prevent the High Elf from escaping. Weeks have past. And through that all, the Arrowmerchant had witness it all. From the battle against the Hordes of Undivided Chaos. Reia and Zelda were and unstoppable force. The dead listen to noone, the dead never tires. And though many get chop down. They somehow seem to keep reappearing. And that only applies to the Minions controlled by the 2 BloodDragons. The 2 of them were untouched and unscathed. It was not long before they caught the attention of Erathor Hyburg. The Epic Battle between the Countless horde of Erathor and the Undead Legions of Zelda was set at Castle Norggrach. The wave of men after men marched forth to meet the enemy. So massive was Erathor's Army. The Blood Dragons Army was but a speck compared to them. 5000 against 300, the Odds were just ridicules. Lithir sniggered to himself as he knew that oppurtunity will rise from this battle for him to escape. The death look on the eyes of Zelda turn to him upon that thought and Lithir was suddenly struck with fear. The Vampire Count that once hold his bound to help them has instead forsaken it for power and greed. Zelda paid no heed to the Elf's sudden elevation of fear. His eyes were fixed on the Exalted Lord of Chaos and one of the Deliverer's right hand men. Memories flood the Blooddragon of the punishing defeat his group suffered during the last showdown against the Chaos men.

As the night grew darker, the Chaos horde crash onto the undead army like a Wave to a Rock. Stoic, the Vampires Chopped down the Men, taking down dozen upon dozens. Each bloodfest adds new strength to them. The Black Knights of the Sharikas continued to ride down the horde. The battle continued on. Thousands fallen, and as the night press on, the two general's meet face to face. With his Chaos Dragon, Erathor mowed down the Vampire Count with a single blow, only to face dissapointment as Zelda step up again and press on the fight. The Vampire Count took many daemonic blows along with fatal moves that would kill a men thrice over but still Zelda rises up again to repay the same amount of punishment back t0o Erathor. It was at one single moment, one single oppurtunity, Zelda saw the chance. With a swift motion, the Blood Dragon took his sword. and with three strokes of the Sword of the Bloodline chopped down the Chaos Dragon and brought down the Chaos Lord...

Lithir watch in horror as the power of the Blood Dragon increases exponentially. Erathor slumps unconscious on the bloody grounds of this wasteland in the beyonder realm of World's Edge Mountain, while his army flees the battlefield in terror.

"My Dear Elf friend, Death comes to all.. even Chaos", says Reia as she brought the Elf captive back to the black coach.


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