Monday, May 01, 2006

The League of Conflicts Begins...

First Match

Jiaqi's Brets Vs Weiting's High Elves

The Arrowmerchants started out today with a promising start. Magic bombardments from the elves, impeded the Knights. It was a slow and dreadful crawl towards the Elves for the Baron's Forces. having a lack or no magic defenses due to know Damsel present in the army, the Bretonnians suffered closed to 35% casualties before even getting the first kill through range attack. The Elves were picking off the heartlanders from the Border Prince like flies. Their magic and Ballistic Barrage reigning supreme. Feeling that the advantage is at hand, the calvary charge of the elves came down upon the Peasant Archers, breaking them before sight, but the fatal mistake happen then, when the Arrowmerchant's Silver helm ignored the threat of the knights on their flanks. Leading to the Lady Paladin, Lady Floras to take advantage and command the Knight of the Realms to engage the Silver Helms flanks. The Silver Helms were shocked and thus they fled of the table leaving much of their attack to wasted. The impetetous march of the Knights proceeded on, with the guidance of their hethen gods, many were protected from the Elves magic, and before the Calvary charged laid the Merchants to waste unit by unit.

Outcome: Bretonnian's Victory

Quote: "Our Calvary will cut them down like grass"

Cher Ho's Necro Army Vs Josh's Imperial Forces

The Battles started with Gun Powder and Flames as the barrage of artillery bombarded each side of the battlefield. Apparently, Imperial Cannons were of greater quality as the Dogs of War cannon hired by the undeads apparently broked. But even though the Imperial Forces had an edge in firepower, the Undead army grew bit by bit. Fallen Bodies and Skeletons rose to take arms to fight against the Living. Even with the prowess of tactics, taking out the General of the Necro Army. The Grimmigkopf had to still face an immense amount of undead and a few other Heroes. Eventually the Horde swam over the Imperial Forces and the Grimmigkopf routed off the Battlefield

Outcome: Undead Victory

An so ends the First matches of the League


Jiaqi: 3 pts, played once
Cher Ho: 3pts, played once
Joshua: 0pts, played once
Weiting: 0pts, played once


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