Sunday, May 07, 2006

2nd Week Update of the Campaign

Jiaqi's Brets Vs Cher Ho's Necro

The Aisenhald Knights have finally arrived in the Border Princes. Led by the Leader of the Grail Order of the Shroud, Lady Keira Bight, the Army of Tempest was commanded by Lady Mesa to establish their contacts with Baron Gordan, a man who still is viewed as an ally and envoy of the Bretonnians. But within the fortnight of having homage in the Keep of the Baron, Forces from the Land of the Dead rehash their vendetta against the knights. Lady Keira initiated her vangard, charging from both left and right flank. Accompanied by two damsels, the Lady Paladin prevented the Army of the Dead from rising in numbers as magic played the fields of war.

The Necromancer seeing his flanks compromised, increased his Army's numbers to brace the impetetous charge. His left flank hold out the first Unit of Knights. Stalling them but suffering many casualties from the enemy. As time dragged by, the Knights fought to break the lines of the Undead. But that only resulted in them getting surrounded by Zombies, Black Knights and Dire Wolves. The Knights fought to their deaths. On the Right flank though, the Knights faired better. With the Lady of the Lake's guidance on them, The knights found their target, ripping apart a regiment of skeletons along with it Wightlord and another regiment of Direwolves.

The Undead had warmachinery but work to no avail at the Swift charge of the knights. But by now, the Knights were tired and weary and the numbers of the undead were still a great many. Seeing the situation as dire, the Army Battle Bearer of the Army bravely charged into the fray to get to the Necromancers who hold the Army together. In a race a game time, the knights fought desperately. And by the Grace of the Goddess, they were able to take out the necromancers which left the Army to crumble.

Outcome: Jiaqi's Bret emerge winner

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Tris's Ogres vs WT's High Elves

The Raging Ogres have finally made their territory in the Border Prince. As for the Arrowmerchants, it was bad luck they happen to wander into it. The Border Prince ever changing territory made it a very volatile region. The enraged deserter Ogres from Ogren's Old Warband marched forth against the High Elves only to meet doom. The magic ferocity of the Arrowmerchant striked hard into the hearts of the Ogre. By the time the Ogres got within melee ranged of the Elves, half of their numbers were gone. But the bloodfest had but only begun. As both elves an ogres tore each othe rlimb by limb, neither side was able to give up. It finally ended with a stalemate as only two ogres left standing against 15 desperate High Elf spearmen. Grass turned red today. But neither side wanted to spill more.

Outcome: Draw

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Points so far
Jiaqi : 6
Cher Ho : 3
Weiting : 1
Tris : 1
Joshua : 0
Qap : 0


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