Saturday, August 26, 2006

Silver Helm

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Nothing much really, Found this portrait picture of a Silver Helm and though it is in its default colour scheme, Kinda find the drawing quite nice.

As for the Warhammer Campaign, The adventurers have stumbled across an Oriental Traveller in the midst of a Village, Bohsentols. Apparently, the Traveller seeks to understands the grave signs that has appeared around his homeland and prepare his kingdom for what is to come and thus has travelled all the way west to find any information that could conclude the signs. He was lead to the Empire where he heard a General of an Imperial might know of it. But many occurances have forewarned the weary adventurers of helping the traveller. From Deathknights to Chaos Raiders, things are starting to stir up, as the adventurers trek the route back to the City Castle.


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