Thursday, October 19, 2006

New Grail Knight painted, Tristan Present arrived. New 7th Ed.

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Having more time to myself, and the fact i was down with the Chicken Pox for 2 weeks. I have completed 2 Grail Knights and on to my 3rd one. With 3 grail knights left, it is not long before i embark on the final touch up of my entire Bretonnian Army since the beginning. Tristan's Present has also arrived. The Cockripper Irongut Ogres have brought impending doom with each step.

Here, A Grail knight of the Shroud challenges an Irongut champion. With his lance at ready, he gathers up himself to fight the Ogre Champion who is carrying a Rock Hammer the size of the Grail Knight.(My recent painted Model) On top, of that, most of the inking of the Ogres were done by me and the Eye painting. On behalf of all, I like to wish Tristan his long belated gift for his birthday.

Meanwhile on the campaign forefront, the party has angered the underworld city sector of Miragialliano through their action, but had negotiate their way out by making a deal with one of the biggest mob boss, Angelo, a skaven. In exchange for the warp crystals and the location where it is found, Angelo will spare the Imperial and Arrowmerchants forces and help them find the Deserter they so long to track down.


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