Monday, April 13, 2009

Double Feature: Men-at-Arms Captain

Hail Fellow Hobbyists

Today we have a double feature of JQ's Men-at-Arms Captain, a lone figure who strikes a dramatic pose as he inspires his men that their time of glory has soar above a lifetime of insipidness, and boldly clash with the very foes who dare stand up against the glorious host of Bretonnia. The battlefield spells out moments that would truly define the lives of the Men-at-Arms, and even perhaps the very future of the Kingdom and can one not want to be part of this glorious adventure?

Would the common soldier really believe in that kind of 'glory-talk'? I recently watched Oliver Stone's 'Platoon', and Charlie Sheen had a really interesting quote. His character mused that the infantry was a place for society's rejects, the poor, the unskilled, and the social misfits...even though they are rejected by society, they are the very people society (and the rich) trust to fight wars for them in the name of the nation's future (or the future of the rich, so that the rich won't have to fight and die anyway). In the long run...the powerless are stuck in a perpetual cycle of oppression and suffering, regardless if there's a war or not. Does society really value the poor and powerless?

Haha well, I may have been a bit too dreary here haha. It has been my supreme honor in contributing to JQ's blog and to your online viewing pleasure. Guess I'll pass the baton now back to JQ...


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