Monday, December 04, 2006

WARHAMMER!! I need to play it again!

Well, I have been painting and painting, though i never lose interest, its been like a month and many many days since i last played with the Gang. Gosh when will we ever have time! I might also start laying with other people to at least gain more experience, and with the NEw 7th Ed, its backt o square 1 or at least 2 for me. Bret Knighs, stay formidable and faithful to ur Cause!!

Onto my figures, 1 last Grail Knight left to train before I complete the entire retinue. Then it will be total final touch job wif highlighting, basing and inking of my entire army of past minatures before i continue on wif the rest of my figures :D. and then i will have a pic of the entire present army so far for Bretonnia. :D Will work on the last few stuff for my chaos army too. But that will be for next year.

Wow, and to think i still have 26 more Bowmen, 16 Men at Arms, 3 Pegasus Knights, 8 Knight of the Realms and the Fay Enchantress waiting for their turn, assuming i finish up what i planned out this year. Not to mention my Samurais.. WAHAHAHAHAHA.

Well perseverence always wins :P


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