Tuesday, March 27, 2007

No Time to Spare

Its been almost 12 days and ur probably wondering where in the world are the once a week updates. Well i must admittedly say i have been preoccupied to an extent i only have free time to take a breather. I have not even touch my next set of knights.From my main blog u will noe of the amount of work and life stuff on my hands. Its hectic. Ontop Warhammer news, the SG community for Warhammer is trying to make a revival due to the hobby fading and losing in interest as these past 2 or so years have gone by. But if the revival is prominent, i might take up a position to participate as a occasional gamer. Occasional as i cant say i can commit every weekend. On top of that, i do not think i have alot of time to spare.

In regards to my current progress of highlighting, i cannot promise by next entry it will be done. But i can say there will be minute hands on after this. Bear with me. Next entry will show a few more of the other pics first.

I relief myself of your presence.


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