Wednesday, February 14, 2007

High Elf Spearmen

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With a departure of my Good Bud to do his Games Design in Australia, i shall feature yet another of his works, The Arrowmerchant's Elf Spearmen, draped in plain white is their mark as the renowned Merchant Armed Force.

The Spearmen of the High Elf Army is one of the essential Core Units with the ability to fight in an extra rank more than other Spearmen of any race. I must say i like the way he used the Gold to drybrush over the black undercoat of the metal to give the High Elf Spearmen a more cooler look to accompany the plain white uniform. He did tell me though, that he might be adding additional features of insignias to make it look less plain, after much contemplation though, for he like the White plain look very much.

As for me, i have only completed one Knight as i have been rather preoccupied and busy wif other stuff. Do BEAR wif me though, they will come soon. :D

Till my next entry, toodle loo!..


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