Friday, December 15, 2006

Finally the Campaign continues

Yes indeed we have finally continued playing the next campaign.

The party has finally reached Khemri and communed with the Sage, Akmunta of Shaloub. The Sage explained of the dark omens and evil occurences that plague the lands of Nippon and strike fear into the mind of the Orient Traveller.

"It is said tht among the presence of man, resides those who are the undying, the cursed immortals who were blessed with the ability to watch as the world turns, forever being able to reside in the material plane. Long ago, during the downfall of the Empire of Khemri, foul sorcery had emerged, using dark magic to touch the gift of immortality, but along with it came corruption and evil. The Undead have risen, and from their ashes, brought a new bloodline of vampires and immortals. It is prophesized that one day, the young of bloodlines will attain limitless dominance over the undead world and it will herald a new age of the world. The Young Blood will bring forth a gateway from the remotes of the World, and from there, breed an army of immortals and undead that the world has never seen, removing the very existance of everything else except the constant power of the Young Blood's dread. During the remaining days of the Khemri Lord's, a Lord by the name of Tutakum had fears of what the Liche Priests could do and how the world could turn out if they had total dominance. Thus, with the Holy priests, Lord Tutakum, went on a holy pilgrimage for 20 years, meditating on with purity and constant in his mind. After attaining enlightment and seeing what must be done, he entomb himself and embalmed his living essene along with his Holy priest with his sceptre next to him. With his sacrifice, his living soul gave power to his sceptre and it is said that the sceptre hold great power onlywhen the balance is tipped and it is the only artifact that is known to be able to stop the prophesy. Go forth to the Gaiah Catacombs, deep within the Lord's Tomb will you find it. But beware for the Tomb Kings are possessive of their lands" explained the Sage

The party did as they were told, and so along with their men they went to search for it. Meetin lots of danger, many courageous men and elves were lost. Lughel was also slained by the terrors of a Bone Giant. When encountered by a great assault of Bone Giants, the party looked doomed. The second level catacombs would be their last stand as the Liche Priest urge his minion to eliminate the party...

And so thats where we stop for the campaign.. as for my grail knight i have halt construction asI have run out of certain paint colours which i will buy tommorow and continue again. :D Must prepare to buy basing materials too.



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