Friday, December 29, 2006

The March of the Grail knights of the Tempest.

My Grail Knights are Finally Done. Though havent made much news for a long time. As you may have noe. I am BUSY so yeap, really dont have lazy time or hobby time to even get on with my next projects.

Well I will be highlighting and upgrading past models with my experience touch as my next project and basing too. Just need to thinking of a good basing material for every unit and good ones for the characters too. After that it will be my Trebuchet. Next years new projects will come in due time. But as for current ones. I give deadline at Feb.

Here are my Grail Knights of the Order of the Shroud, Under the Army of the Shroud of Tempest in Aisenhald, commanded by the Lady Paladin Floras Herself.

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In regards to the PC Game Warhammer MoC, I have not got my hands on it and will not be able to give a review. Not too sure whether I should buy it. Though I havent seen it in the shelves anywhere so far.

Other news, the New Empire is out for the new Warhammer Edition, I'm guessing High Elves are next and Bretonnia should be a year to a year and a half more before they come out wif the new edition. IMHO, the new Empire feature new units that look real cool. The New States Troops, Luthor Huss, the Prophet of Sigmar and some of the New Empire Generals and War Machines look real cool. But i do not paricularly like the Ludwig Schwarzhel minature. He looks to decorated, like a christmas tree.

Anyway, thats about it for me for now. Will update more next entry on progress of my repainting and basing of my figures and the campaign. :D


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