Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Personal Review of the Mark of Chaos Game

Well, its been a while, and at the moment, I have decided to start basing my Knights, five at a time, completing their highlights and any other add-ons i could do to improve their appearances. It was either them or th Men-at-arms, but since so many wanted to see my Knights, I will do my Knights first.

Anyway, today, i shall be reviewing the Warhammer: Mark of Chaos Game. Well, despite having such a crazily good Trailer, the words of Gamespot rings through to me as i am quite diappointed at the linear plot of the Game. No skirmish game to play with CPU, only online gaming against other players is allowed. On top of that, i have been suffering major crashes from the game and failure to load up the saved files, which eventually disappear after the failed load up.

Al in all, it is good for the graphics and the mini stuff like the abilities and customisation of the specific armies skin colour. I really like the graphic detail. But its simplicity makes it a game tht will hardly give an adrenalin rush to ur heart. I prefer the tabletop game to this game and also the trailer had more excitement to give me then the game itself. Nevertheless i will try it again. Hopefully the crashes (which is one of the biggest problems for me that make me hate this game) will occur less.

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Till I feature the next pic. See ya


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