Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Delays on the Release

I am unable to produce my new pics of the 5 Knights yet as i have stalled on all projects at the moment due to my lack of time and lethargy.

And so i will continue showing the great artworks of the Arrowmerchants

Today, i will feature the two Heroes from Both Bretonnia and The High Elves. Side By Side, the highly skilled Swordmaster from the Merchant House is as renowned as Eltharion himself. The Blind Swordman was trained by the same master as that of Eltharion. Belannaer. Hardy ever having to deal with protecting much of the Arrowmerchant's good, the Blind Swordmaster is held in high regard.

The Grail Knight of the Shroud is famed in all of Couronne for being the elite among the elite of the Grail Knights. Their Mastery at arms is first to none, and so both stand sideby side in a duet of expertise, grandeur and grace. Enjoy the pic

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Both their colour code and paintings are not that bad i must say. One of the few goodworks from paintedfigs.com and I. I like the layering i had done and also like the drybrushing from the Swordmaster.

Till my Knight hopefully get done. See ya in the next entry ;)


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