Monday, April 20, 2009

Imperial Shooters

Imperial Crossbowmen
Crossbowmen on the March

Crossbowmen on the Move
Another shot of the Imperial Retinue.

Hi there people, I am back and i shall be posting the next 3 posts

Here is two shots of Joshua's Imperial Crossbowmen walking within the expanse of the sky. "GOOD GUY" sky that is. :p

Joshua loves to use this "detachment: maneuver that is iconic with Empire, using this guys to whip a good shooting spree on my forces which gets really painful especially for my chargers. One thing my good old buddy, JOsh is good at when it comes to playing warhammer is that he is most proficient in shooting the beejeez out of my forces.

And you would have thought it would be the shooty elves that would be doing that to me. The imperial cannons and arrows and bullets are let loose the moment they get a chance.

And no matter how fearsome CHaos, Orcs or Monsters are, none cannot deny the pain and power that goes with every imperial shot fired. Cos bullets and firepower bite through the thickest armor. Even the arrows can be a pain in the ass.

So here you have it. The Imperial backbone, Militias with crossbows. And with their lucky hand, they might jus be able to down a Bretonnian Knight, a Black Orc or even a Chaos Warrior.


On a side note, I have done a few men-at-arms and i am intending to finish it all up by the mid year.


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