Saturday, April 14, 2007

Delay after delay

Well I must sincerely apologize, but there is really little carefree time for me to sit on the modelling table and do anything at all. From notes to books, my table is cluttered wif homework and undone stuff and there is little or no space or time for my knights. And so yes, under disappointment of unfinished progress.
Reason why i have been stalling on the entry is because i keep thinking i can always complete it by the next day thinking i have enuff time but even as i write now, im still rushing for time. I guess i have come to a conclusion that i cannot make any promises at all for my models. None at all. Well rumors of the New High Elves coming out soon. Cant wait to finish everything, then i will be eyeing on The Phoenix Guards, Some Black Orcs and The Dragon. But thts just me muttering for the years to come.

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Here is a work done by Mr. Tay WT, who plays High Elves. Using the LOTR figures to be the GreatSwords of his Army is quite cool. Nice Looking colour code that has a very calm and delicate feeling to it. Nice detail too. As the Elves head forward with their weapons poised in defense, it is quite an inspiring sight.

More of the elves coming soon. I guess now, its just a qn of when will i TRULY finish my next set of knights and work on the next set.

Till then, im still awaiting for the right time to go kick ass in PI for some wargaming.


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