Monday, April 27, 2009

Imperial Crossbowmen defending the Fort

Crossbowmen beyond the Walls

Imperial Crossbowmen patrolling their fort.

In the borders of Imperial Stronghold, the militia and their men-at-arms patrol diligently, ever watchful of enemies and lurkers in the beyond.

With the realm holding an aura of danger, it is never too safe to put a big patrol of imperial forces around their respective stronghold.

In these uncertain times. life is dangerous. It is also fragile and thus, life expectancy is at the throw of a dice. ( i meant that with no pun intended. :p). These crossbowmen may walk around the walls with feelings of fear, sadness, boredom or even a sense of excitement. But they all do so to protect what they value most, which is their families. Some may also do so to feed their families as the old world is not a place of prosperity and life is hard.

But then again, Life is hard in the real world. Hmm..


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