Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Elves...can't have a fantasy game without 'em!

Hey Everyone

Thanks for coming down to this blog, sharing our common love for warhammer, and other fantasy games. Sometimes I wonder how fantasy for the next generation would look like...if it was swords and shields for us, would it stay the same for the years to come? Guns/firearms are already included into WFB kind of think of it.

Well, for today we feature a shot of WT's Phoenix Guard and JQ's Arwen figure, and of course, we can't have fantasy without them elves. They're everywhere, high, dark, wood, blood, sea, whatever haha.

A piece of extra-Warhammer trivia, the word 'Elf' has Old Germanic origins, and still survives to this day in the form of given names, such as Alfred and Elfreda. The origins of the Elves in real world history has roots in different regions, such as Scandinavia and Germany. Some viewed that people could become elves after death, while others thought of elves as mischievous and harmful beings, and even aligned with demons (Beowulf). According to Norse legend, Gandalf was the Last King of the Elves, a name Tolkien himself had consciously chosen (time for some kickass trivia to rouse the table during a game!).

The elves that we picture today have much to do with JRR Tolkien, who gave us the Hobbit, a seminal work that introduced fantasy as a 'high art' form. Drawing upon 19th Century Romanticism, Tolkien developed a mythology of the elves and gave them a definite form, much in common with the perception of elves we have now (eg. pointed ears, tall, wiser than humans...)...especially since they played humungous roles in the history of Middle-Earth. Tolkien became immensely popular in the 1960s, paving the way for the rise of high fantasy in the years to come (D&D).

So lo and behold, the Elves that we know today are actually a pretty recent concept, which makes me wonder how fantasy would be like for our grandchildren...(if we don't have them yet that is).


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