Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Chaotic Charge

Hello Hobbyists!

Continuing with our feature on JQ's Khorne regiment, we have a picture of a regiment of Chaos warrior champion charging into his Imperial foes.

As an Imperial player, I am kind of dismayed of the common image of Empire getting creamed by Chaos. In the trailers of Age of Reckoning and Mark of Chaos, Empire gets trashed. True fact I have to admit haha...and yet Empire troops may be best suited to fight Chaos with strong calvary, powerful canons, focus on shooters, wide range of magic etc. And yet Chaos is pretty suited against the Empire, with strong magic, high strength/toughness (for some units) etc. Of course, one can say the reason why Empire is always attacked by Chaos is by virtue of geography, bummer.

Is the warhammer world really all about killing? :P


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