Monday, August 24, 2009

Shield of Khorne

Hey fellow hobbyists!

Thanks go out to JQ for filling us in with some of our shots for the past few weeks, especially with some of our first few DSLR shots.

For today we have a close-in shot of a shield of one of JQ's Khone warriors. Personally, this edition of warriors look much cooler compared than their hunched-back predecessors, and when JQ got them painted by paintedfigs, I have to say that the folks did a great job.

These devout worshippers of the God of War and Hatred strike fear in all who take up arms against them, for they have no care of personal preservation and fear of death...for flowing blood is all Khorne desires. Even the basic warriors are pretty kickass units, packing quite some punch and strength, combined with strong Chaos armor, and even with the Mark of Khorne to boot. I am not a master of Chaos rules (especially with all these new editions), but I do remember that they have magic resistance and frenzy (which can go both ways) as some bonuses to add on to their units.

On a lighter note, I bumped into a WAR poster've probably guessed it, 'Khorne Flakes'...har-har :)

I'll leave the merits of the poster up for discussion, but more interestingly the writer (Nine's Nonsense) talked about the emergence of the 'WOW-instant-gratitude' syndrome of today, where a market has emerged for players who want to get into the thick of action, without the arduous and time-consuming ingredient of a rewarding hobby: painting. I have to admit that I am an 'in-between', as my figures are painted by others, and yet I also recognize that I have a special bond with those units I painted myself, especially my Empire Knights. What about you guys?

If you have the time, do check the article out: It's All About the Merch: Nine's Nonsense


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