Monday, June 22, 2009

New Pictures: HE vs. Chaos

Hello Everyone!

Thanks to JQ for posting 2 pretty deep posts about the Warhammer hobby and for the responses we've been getting. Well, Warhammer for some reason is an expensive hobby and continues to enjoy passionate support through its years. JQ has kindly posted up recent photos we have taken with the assistance of WT, and we hope the results prove to be tasteful.

For today, we have confrontation on our minds, as a lone White Elf (painted by WT) faces off with an unholy coterie of Khorne warriors, some of the most fearsome adversaries one can ever meet in Warhammer.

The High Elves (Asur) are a race who are very familiar with Chaos, as their bitter history of mutual hatred and battle stretched back into the ancient times...when the elves had ventured into the highest forms of magic, an undertaking that had rendered much turmoil in the Old World in the wake of their exploration of such power.

The elves (from experience) are an elite army that hit really really hard and fast, have great command of magic, and are kinda undone by low numbers and toughness (don't see a lot of ripped elves around). Somewhat similar to the elves, Khorne warriors are infamous for their fighting prowess, such as magic resistance, insane strength, weapon skill, armor...etc. and are also one up on endurance. Yet, Khorne's followers have rejected magic (except magical weapons) from their ranks, since it insults the presence of Khorne. Some commanders have used guile and strategy to utilize tactics, such as magic and ranged warfare, to successfully find a way to defeat the bloodthirsty followers of Khorne.


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