Monday, May 18, 2009

Lionized Empire

Hey Everyone

Today we have a look at the shield I painted for my First Knight in my only painted regiment of Imperial Knights. Note that this knight has a Bretonnian helm instead of an Imperial one (courtesy of JQ).

One thing I really like about the Imperial Knights is the Dwarven plate armor, one of the best non-magical armors out there, giving a 4+ save on its own. Knights are always known to have pretty good armor saves, and 1+ or 2+ is pretty common...chances of killing them would be made much easier by using magic, shooting or ultimately, with really high strength!

In the tales of old and legend, knights are traditionally portrayed as upholders of supreme virtue, and was it really like that in the old times? Full armored knights do have an awe-inspiring presence, and seldom do we remember knights are normal human beings with flaws and sufferings...which does make me think back on Clint Eastwood's Flag of Our Fathers. We need heroes, and we make them, not war. Even heroes don't think they are heroes at all, just people who managed to survive...


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