Monday, May 04, 2009

Load it up

Closeview of the Crossbowmen
Crossbowmen loading it up.

Yet another detailed Macro shot from my former DSC-W50. (Fucking New Camera cant do this anymore. Ugh) Oh well, im looking forward to my next camera which will be a DSLR... though i am pretty sure it wont be anytime SOON.

Anyway, i love how the dry brushing is done to the figures. They have a rustic touch on the figures and the colour code goes well with the background.

On a more interesting thought, we see the imperial crossbowmen loading up their weapon, intent on shootnig nd killing their target. I wonder what could it be? A rabbit for the hunt? A chaos warrior? A goblin?

We will never know, but one thing is for sure. Their expressions are one with certainty. Their intent on shooting and killing. I Wonder was this always the case with the main complement of human force in the various human kingdoms in the old world.

And now my time is up as i shall give back the baton to the new regular of this blog, Joshua. He shall be giving a round of 4 more entries. So be NICE!



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