Monday, June 01, 2009

A Glimpse of the Grail Knight

For today's post we have one of JQ's famed Grail Knights, tough as nails and pack a really powerful punch. From playing experience, I really respect these guys.

Brettonia is the home of one of the best warriors in the Old World, and that happens to be the Grail Knight. These knights are held in such high regard that Kings of Brettonia must be chosen from among the Grail Knights (to ensure the kingdom is certain of fair governance). Upon completion of his/her grail quest (which varies in length) as a Knight of the Realm, the knight will meet the Lady of the Lake and take a sip from her sacred chalice, an event that marks the knight's glorious promotion to the rank of Grail Knight. It is therefore no surprise that the Lady's chalice proudly adorns the accoutrements of the Grail Knights, and serves as a potent symbol to those who lay their eyes upon it, be it friend or foe. Also, no Grail Knight will serve those who have not drunk from the chalice before, and that makes the King of Brettonia and other Grail Knights being the only figures who can call upon their service...(so niao/choosy lol.)

Makes me wonder if it has been possible for a Grail Knight to 'go bad' and go against the Kingdom. I don't really know Bret fluff that much, and JQ do you know? I guess at this stage it is pretty hard for someone to 'go bad'...but you never know. Some would say the higher they rise, the harder they fall.

Well, it's time for me to hand the blog over to JQ, and once again, I hope the entries have been good and we really enjoy posting on this blog in the name of warhammer geekdom :) Take care, and go JQ!!!


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