Monday, May 25, 2009

Baron Shield

Here's the last photo of our Empire range, and this time is another shield I had done up for another knight. Funny thing is, I only realized it looked like the Iron Cross used by Germany (especially in WWI), and doing up the cross like that made the knights look 'Imperial German-ish'.

The calvary have been a source of hope and reprieve, provided they came at the right time and you could use them well. Imperial knights are a pretty solid core level unit, with good armor and respectable strength (if they charge with lances). However, that doesn't mean they can be deployed with little thought as I have learned in my my butt kicked against Vampire Counts by having my entire knight regiment wiped out by morale failure (even worse is that I forgot to re-roll misses since I had a priest who adds hatred on first round).

Cynically speaking, mistakes are one's best teacher sometimes...


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