Monday, June 08, 2009

ImBar Stigma

Today marks the end of theis collection of photoes. And also the end of my macro digicamera shots. We will miss u (DSC-W50). In any case, our new collection of photoes will be pioneered by me and josh and a lil inspiration from Weiting, a fellow warhammer enthusiast.

Armed with josh trusty DSLR camera, i can safely say that the next collection of pictures are so remarkable, it will blow your mind away. (To some extent :p)

In any case, i will be having my exams and thus i will take awhile to upload the pictures. But as for now, i will continue to post up entertaining posts wif josh on warhammer.
Daemon Figure from Games Workshop. This is not our figures. (Our painting havent gone all to that professional yet, But we try our best.)

Today, i wanna just raise the issue of Games Workshop strategy on the Warhammer World. As far as i noe about the trends in the latest edition of Warhammer is that, every new army that is released gets overtly powerful from the previous one.

Which somehow makes the old army list redundant the minute the new one is release. The marketing strategy of making peeps buy the new armies due to their powerful abilities and awesome stats to increase sales is a good Short term tactics. But in the long term, Games Workshop are destroying themselves and the game itself.

With an imbalance gameplay wif new armies being better than the old one. Where is the competition, let alone the intrigue of playing with war tactics and wits if u r already at a serious disadvantage when fighting a newer army.

As far as i noe, the lizardmen army will be next, And God noes what insane spells or abilities they have.

But look at the trend. When High Elves came out, they were buffed a lot. But that was expected and people were please to see High Elves looking more better than their former self. With the Speed of Asuryan ability, they look more formidable in combat. But guess what? they had to release dark elves with the same ability, only using a different name, and buff them even more which puts redundancy to the high elves and all the older armies. (Including my bretonnians -_-)

And then along can warrior of chaos.. which was already ultimately strong. But they boost it a lil more to make high elves go back to looking real mediocre and crap. And oh.. jus to make ppl have to spend more. They made daemons of chaos which was seperate entity from warrior of chaos. So now.. if u wanna have a truly diverse strong chaos army.. U have to spend twice as mucha s before to get the in-depth rules for both books.

But thts not the best part. Daemons of Chaos were so buffed up. Every damn tournament was dominated by them. 89% of the top ten players on average was using a DoC army. Of course before that. Dark Elves had their fair share and WoC too.

But i mean.. where the hell are we going at now?

The whole concept of imbar gameplay where the NEWEST army always wins.. makes it real freaking lame and cliche for a company of Games Workshop Stature.

If ur gonna make Daemons Godlike. Whats the point of the Bretonnians Praying for their Lady of the Lake to protect them. Just throw down ur arms and flee. That goes the same for Empire, Wood Elves and many more that havent join the new edition.

Pls shed some light..


And do come in to comment on what you think.


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