Monday, June 15, 2009

Independent Material

On this weeks edition, we are still uploading the new batch of warhammer pictures. Therefore, we shall be talking about independent material.

Jus what is this independent material? Well for those who have played warhammer for years, im pretty sure u see sculptures of Warhammer stuff that arent exactly part of the Games Workshop miniature collection.

In the Golden Demon Painting Competition, there is always an open category. And the open category features lots of awesome sculptures that illustrate Warhammer in a different Outlook. It is really awe inspiring when people can take warhammer to another level. I mean there are lots of great painters of warhammer out there. Making the plain colour miniature look angelical or surreal and beautiful.

But the open category of sculpture takes everything into another level. These artisans practically sculpt their own model and paint it in the same quality that take my breath away.
Here are but a few that have really inspired me visually.

Bretonnian Men at Arm.

Imperial Man
High Elf Warrior
All these are open category Winners of yesteryears that have won in the top 3 of the Golden Demon. Many of these figures are personally sculpted with putty and have detail and workmanship that is totally awesome.
Wish i could go to a Golden Demon Convention one day. :P


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