Monday, August 03, 2009

The Knight's Shield

Back again.

Knight's Heraldry
The Knight's heraldry.

Today, we feature the Knights Heraldry and his shield. In many aspects, the knights heraldry is a symbol of his lineage, his family and what he has gone through to get it. His shield is just a more enhanced vrsion of what one can tell of the knight.

From the quality of the shield to the battle wornout marks and arrow scars, the shield will tell of the knights quality and his affluence too. Wooden shields are commonly wield by hedge knights and Knights of the Realms. AS one ascend higher int he ranks, their heraldry wills how it along with the quality of the shield.

As we can see from this pic in particular, The knight has a wooden shield with a red phoenix as his insignia. This knight of the realm has a well kept shield which could probably mean that he comes from an affluent household.

Other than that, i must apolgize that my decal pasting can be obviously recognise from the borders of the decal. Other than tht, another great macro shot wth josh's camera.

On another note, Weiting just got a present from Josh and I. Its a High Elf Lord on a Star Dragon. The dude has been talking about how much he would want one and we figured, why not get him a high quality painted one.

Trust me when i say this, the model was a worth it buy, and its painted in high quality.
Fret not too, the model will be featured REAL SOON. :)


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